SALTI Program

Competency areas addressed: 

• Sensory Awareness studies

• Personal practice development 

• Pedagogy and teaching methodology 

• Applications of Sensory Awareness 

• Equity & cultural awareness

 In person contact:

 -Week long Intensives for 40 hours each in each Module

 Phone classes and 

Videoconference study groups:

 -Sensing phone class 90 minutes twice a month

 -Peer group videoconference 90 minutes once a month

 -Buddy practice and study 90 minutes once a month

 The Field Work project (40 hours) is the opportunity for each participant to receive mentoring for their own practical experimentation in leading Sensory Awareness in the world. During the final international intensive, participants demonstrate their competency to incorporate this work into their professional careers.

SALTI Certificate of Completion vs. Accreditation as a Leader

The goal of the SALTI program is to prepare new leaders to take on guiding Sensory Awareness experiments. We do this by practicing our own Sensing, by practicing leading, and by discussing, reading and writing about Sensing.

In order to achieve the Certificate of Completion for the SALTI program, you need to complete all (4) Modules:
  • 90% attendance at all SALTI classes
  • All homework assignments completed (writing and videos)
  • All outstanding fees paid
  • Any outstanding assignments handed in past July 30, 2022 have a $75 fee to be reviewed by all faculty and applied to the Module certification requirements
  • SALTI participants must have completed all 4 module certifications to be a candidate to lead for a representative review board of Sensory Awareness Leaders Guild 
And, if you would like to be Accredited as a Leader (like sitting for your state board exam to be accredited as a lawyer) then you can:
  • Offer a Sensing class to 4 - 5 existing Sensory Awareness leaders: 2 - 3 of these leaders must be SALTI faculty, and 2 of these leaders must be current members of SALG (Sensory Awareness Leaders Guild), yet not part of SALTI. SALTI faculty will invite these leaders to be part of your Accreditation team. If you have someone specific you would like to be there, please request that. 
  • The leaders may have suggestions for you to work on. If this is the case, you will ask 1 - 2 of the leaders to continue to mentor you for a period of time until you all feel that it is time to sit for Accreditation again.
  • You may sit for Accreditation as many times as you like.